Demi Lovato Tour 2016 Along With Nick Jonas!

Two of today’s most popular singers are going to be playing a bunch of concerts together next year! The co-headliners on the Demi Lovato tour 2016 will of course be the aforementioned singer herself along with Nick Jonas. These two have a long-standing friendship as well as a business partnership, it benefits both of them to head out on live shows as a duo. As far as the fans go, it’s definitely a great situation! You get to see two big stars perform for you live all in one night!

Tammy will be performing a lot of new songs from the album that she just put out back in October which she has titled confident. You’ll also get to see Nick perform all of your favorite tracks from the CD he put out back in 2014 which is titled with his own name. Because the shows won’t begin until summer, buying tickets now would be a great idea. The earlier you get your seats, the lower prices you will receive, along with a better seating location so you can get a clear view of the stage. As Showtime comes nearer the prices are going to go up, and all the premium seats will already be gone.

The news that these two incredible musicians were going to go all around the country playing concerts together just recently came out a few months ago. In October they appeared on good morning America and broke the news to the nation. It’s been quite some time since these two had struck a business partnership, and there’s no doubt that their friendship is extremely strong to. In recent years each of them have been doing their own thing, playing shows and recording music. They thought that now is finally the time for them to come together once again in head out on a brand-new concert tour for all of the fans.

Also in October Demi just released a brand-new studio album which she has decided to dub confident. We might also see new music from Nick either before their shows begin or during their summer concerts. During a recent interview with entertainment weekly there were some not-so-subtle hints dropped that we could very well see a brand-new album full of hot new tracks from this Jonas Brothers star. That means that all of next fans will have a chance that they have never had before. When you see him sitting in person this time around you will hear songs that you have never heard before!

If you are truly a devoted fan and you are already signed up to either one of their fan clubs, or you met one of a few other special conditions, you are already gifted the opportunity for special pre-released tickets for the shows. Now anyone can pick up some seats, but those who truly show their devotion got a special thank you from both Nick and Lovato in the form of these amazing pre-release seat opportunity. It really shows you just how much they appreciate each and every member of the crowd. Now if you want to get some tickets the best way is to purchase from this site. There are no more special seats right now! If you’re planning on being one of the early birds you can see them play their first show in Florida on June 24. Or if you want to take your time and mosey on down to their final performance you want to be in Los Angeles around September. They are going to be going too many different places, so far they have 44 destinations on the books.

You won’t have chances to see the Demi Lovato tour 2016 forever! There is going to be tons of brand-new music being played live during the shows, as well as songs that have yet to be released! You should run, not walk to our online ticket booth to pick up some primo seats for these two talented musicians!